More than 90% Japanese consumer co-ops engage in support for children in poverty and the needy


JCCU has summarized the report on the activities of community-based consumer co-ops on "support for children in poverty" and "support for the needy" for FY2021, in conjunction with Japan's "Food Drive Day*" on January 15.

Status of Activities in FY2021:
・66 Co-ops responded to the survey. 
・61 out of 66 respondent co-ops were engaged in support activities. 
・Specific initiatives (with multiple responses) :
    "Food drive" (47 co-ops), "Foodbank" (48 co-ops), 
    "Children's cafeteria/multi-generation cafeteria" (42 co-ops), "study support" (26 co-ops), etc.
・ Number of home delivery centers engaged in: 223 (2.53 times more than in FY2018)
・ Number of children's and multi-generation cafeterias engaged in: 787 (2.3 times more than in FY2018)
・The overall numbers in all categories increased compared to FY2018 when the previous survey results were released.

In recent years, amidst growing social concern about child poverty, an increasing number of co-ops have begun to view the issue as a social problem, not just children's problem, and co-ops are working on specific initiatives in cooperation with local organizations. Considering that "support for the needy" is also linked to "support for children in poverty", the FY2021 report includes not only examples of support for children but also examples of support for the needy conducted by community-based consumer co-ops. 

The number of consultations regarding poverty increased nationwide in 2020 and 2021 due to the spread of the COVID-19 infection. In addition, the recent serious price hikes have increased the need for food pantries and other services among needy families, and there is concern that the number of families in need of assistance will further increase in the future.

Breakdown of Co-ops' support activity for children in poverty and the needy**:
※Those implemented by related or cooperating organizations, local facilities, etc. are counted as "other". In addition, there is a discrepancy between the total number of locations and the number of breakdown locations because it is difficult to determine the breakdown of the number of conducted locations for some co-ops (food drive).

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In addition, the support using the co-op's home delivery system and in cooperation with other organizations is expanding.
The following are some of the activities of community-based consumer co-ops related to "support for children in poverty", "support for the needy" and food drive activities featured in past JCCUNEWS.

・Toyama Co-op holds Co-op Festival(Food drive was also held at the festival site.)(JCCUNEWS: DEC 2022):
・Miyagi Co-op donates to the "Child-Friendly School" initiative of the African Association of Miyagi (AFAM)(JCCUNEWS: SEP 2022):
・LaLa Co-op provides meals to evacuation centers in Minamishimabara City(JCCUNEWS: OCT 2021):
・Donation of Sanitary Supplies to 7 Elementary and Junior High Schools in Uozu City(JCCUNEWS: AUG 2022):
・Palsystem Consumers' Co-operative Union raises 11,245,911 yen for students grant type scholarship(JCCUNEWS: Jun 2021)
・Palsystem Chiba holds a food drive activity(MAR 2021)
・Consumer co-ops provide food through food banks amid the spread of new coronavirus(JCCUNEWS: APR 2020)

*"Food Drive Day*" on January 15 in Japan was established by Curves Japan Co., Ltd. and registered with the Japan Anniversary Association.

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