Palsystem Chiba holds a food drive activity


Palsystem Chiba implemented a "food drive" initiative in which the co-op home delivery staff collected surplus food from co-op members at the time of delivery and supplied it to needy people, children's cafeterias, and welfare facilities via food banks.

A total of 4,257 kg of food items were received from co-op members and donated to three food banks in the prefecture. The officials and staff of Palsystem Chiba sorted out the food items gathered, which used to be done by the food banks, to reduce the workload of the food bank staff and change the work procedures so that the food items can be delivered to the needy faster.
Palsystem Chiba's food drive initiative started in 2016 on a trial basis in some areas and has been implemented in almost all areas of the prefecture since 2017. The awareness of co-op members is increasing year by year and the amount of food collected is also increasing.

Palsystem Chiba staff checked expiration dates and sorted items by category.

Food items donated by members are provided to needy people through the food bank.

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