What We Do

Our Businesses

Product Development and Supply

There are two main functions of product business of JCCU.

  • Development of CO·OP Brand Products: JCCU develops and improves CO·OP Brand Products to meet members' needs in their daily lives.
  • Distribution of products to member co-ops nationwide: JCCU manages the distribution of CO·OP Brand Products comprehensively from order management to logistics and delivery, cooperating with manufacturers for optimal management.

In addition to above, JCCU operates joint purchasing of products including national brand products and imports, makes home delivery catalogs, and organizes product promotion planning in cooperation with member co-ops.

Mail Order and Online Retail Business

There are two types of JCCU mail order and online retail business.

  • For members' daily lives: JCCU offers products such as clothing, household goods, beddings, interior furnishings, and furniture. Ordered items are delivered directly to members' homes.
  • Seasonal gifts: JCCU offers gift items to members. Ordered items are delivered directly to designated recipients.

Orders can be placed both by order sheets for home delivery and via online.

Business Platform Development for Member Co-ops

JCCU develops business platforms:

  • Online membership application systems
  • Online ordering systems for individuals
  • Ordering systems of CO·OP Brand Products for member co-ops
  • Quality management systems for member co-ops
  • Building and improving distribution centers and promoting their joint use with member co-ops, etc.

Our Activities

Social Roles as a Consumers' Organization

JCCU takes initiatives to establish, improve, and advocate consumers' rights and enhance the social system.

The initiatives are as below:

  • Submission of public comments to the Japanese government
  • Attendance at and remarks to government's councils
  • Investigations about food safety, consumer administration, environmental affair, etc.
  • Publicity of the results of the actions above

Organizational Operation and Formulation of National Policy of Consumer Co-ops

JCCU supports its member co-ops in their organizational operation. Also, at the Annual General Assembly of JCCU, common policies of consumer co-ops nationwide and JCCU's business plan and policies are decided.

Before the General Assembly, JCCU hosts committees and conferences to be attended by members and staff of consumer co-ops nationwide to prepare proposals. The themes of committees and conferences range widely from daily-life matters of individual members to business strategies of consumer co-ops.

Support for Members' Activities

As the member of the local community, consumer co-ops are engaged in various activities and social contribution activities for the benefit of their members. JCCU supports these efforts of its members by holding seminars, workshops and events, publishing newsletters and educational materials, and planning and promoting joint campaigns by member co-ops nationwide. The themes of the activities are as follows:

Food safety and other dietary education, consumer issues, child-rearing support, household budget management, welfare, environment, disaster prevention and recovery support, peace movement, child poverty, etc.

Support for Businesses of Member Co-ops

JCCU takes initiatives to solve common challenges of its member co-ops.

The initiatives are as below:

  • Support for home delivery business, store business, and Sanchoku, direct transactions with producers
  • Legal assistance and consulting for business management
  • Various seminars to assist human resource development
  • Workshops and events
  • Surveys and researches
  • Publication of the result of investigations, statistic data, learning materials for staff of member co-ops, etc.

Cooperation with Various Organizations

JCCU cooperates with its member co-ops and other organizations, such as co-operatives, NPOs, NGOs, administrative organs, etc.

Each time a huge disaster occurs, JCCU supports the reconstruction of communities and the economy in the affected areas. At the same time, JCCU supports its member co-ops to hold disaster prevention seminars for members and local residents to share experiences and lessons learned during reconstruction support.