JCCU's efforts to reduce petroleum-based plastics used for CO・OP Brand Products


From September 2020, JCCU starts to adopt recycled plastics for trays and lids that are used for seven items of CO・OP Brand salted cod roe such as "CO・OP Uncolored Cod Roe." 
If we sold about 3.57 million packs of the products which are the same number in 2019, we will use approximately 30 tons of recycled plastics in a year, which means 42% of petroleum-based plastics will be reduced. Furthermore, these seven items are MSC certified marine products which are sourced by sustainable fishing. Consideration of the environment is not only given to their packaging materials but also to the raw materials used for the products.

In June 2019, JCCU formulated the "CO・OP Brand Products' plastic reduction action target" to be achieved by 2030.
Under this numerical target, by 2030, JCCU will reduce plastic container packaging material by 25% on a weight basis compared to 2016 (approximately 5,195 tons.) It is also aimed to raise the ratio of usage of recycled plastics and plant-based plastics to 50% compared to 2016 by 2030.
The packaging materials for 195 items will be recycled plastics or plant-based plastics by November 2020. 

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