new release: Unlabeled plastic bottled water


JCCU is working to reduce the amount of plastic packaging used in CO · OP Brand Products. As part of this initiative, on June 1, 2019, JCCU released unlabeled plastic bottled water, “CO・OP Azumino water".


(Left) unlabeled "CO · OP Azumino water" / (right) labeled "CO · OP Azumino water"

This product has the same content as the existing product "CO・OP Azumino water". By omitting the label film, the amount of plastic used per case (6 bottles) is reduced by 5.16g.

In order to eliminate the label film, the expiration date is printed on the bottle cap, and the product name and the recycling mark are pasted with a sticker while making efforts to convey information necessary for consumers in an easy-to-understand manner.


tags: CO・OP Brand Product, environment, garbage reduction, plastic reduction