CO・OP Brand Products's plastic reduction action target


JCCU has formulated a policy to reduce plastic packaging materials for CO・OP Brand Products by 2030.

  • JCCU will not use microplastics as a raw material for its newly developed CO・OP Brand Products.
  • By 2030, JCCU will reduce plastic container packaging material by 25% on a weight basis compared to 2016 (approximately 5,195 tons).
  • By 2030, JCCU will increase the usage rate of recycled plastic and plant-derived plastic to 50%.
  • By 2030, all the beverage straws will be switched to materials other than 100% plastic.

JCCU is promoting environmental initiatives from four perspectives on plastic packaging materials used in CO・OP Brand Products: "Reduce (reduce usage)", "Reuse (repeated use)", "Recycle (recycling and regeneration)" and "Biomass (the use of plant-based materials)".

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