ICA-AP Training Program for Managers of Consumer Co-ops 2023 Summer


Since 1991, JCCU has annually organized training program for managers of consumer co-ops and cooperatives in Asia and the Pacific, given them the opportunity to learn about the businesses and activities of Japanese consumer co-ops. This year's program is the first in nearly four years, as the 2020-2022 period was affected by the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.

From left to right: trainees from Nepal, Philippines, Vietnam, Korea, and Malaysia

This summer, JCCU invited five co-op managers from five Asian countries (Nepal, Philippines, Vietnam, Korea, and Malaysia) to participate in a 12-day training program from July 19 to July 30, 2023. During this program, the participants learned about Japanese consumer co-op businesses and activities at three places: JCCU in Tokyo, Co-opdeli Consumers' Co-operative Union in Saitama, and Miyagi Co-op in Sendai.

This time, various department heads from co-operatives operating food retail stores participated in the training program. Under the theme 'How consumer co-ops survive in the new era ~ Rediscover the advantages of consumer co-ops ~,' they discussed the future possibilities of cooperatives and consumer co-ops while exploring how each cooperative can address the challenges it faces.

At JCCU, participants learned about the overview of Japanese Consumer Co-ops, the CO・OP Brand Products policy, the Consumer Co-op 2030 Environmental Sustainability Policy, and the logistics system.

At Co-opdeli, the group received lectures on the businesses and activities of Co-opdeli Consumers' Co-operative Union and Co-op Mirai, as well as SDGs and social contribution activities. After that, they inspected Co-op Mirai Minamiurawa store and the Coop Deli Delica Center which produces side dishes, were briefed on the work process.

アジアマネージャー研修20230914_announcement_20230814_01_03.jpg        アジアマネージャー研修20230914_announcement_20230814_01_04.jpg
(Left) Scene of the lectures at the head office of Co-opdeli Consumers' Co-operative Union 
(Right) Tour of the Co-opdeli Okegawa Delica Center

At Miyagi Co-op, the participants received lectures in a wide range of topics, including the store and home delivery businesses, marketing, the use of IT, environmentally friendly business operations, various store formats, co-op members' activities, "Co-op Sanchoku" business that connects producers with consumers, store logistics, and measures against competition in refurbished stores, along with a tour of co-op stores.

 アジアマネージャー研修20230914_announcement_20230814_01_05.jpg    アジアマネージャー研修20230914_announcement_20230814_01_06.jpg  
(Left) Participants observing the FamilyMart + COOP Tsurugaya store
(Right) At the Co-op Tohoku Dry Integrated Logistics Center

The training concluded with a debriefing session. During this session, the trainees shared their new understanding of the strengths of consumer co-ops. These include community-driven approach to conducting businesses and activities with co-op members, the implementation of cutting-edge marketing strategies and information technology, a home delivery system unique to Japanese consumer co-ops, and a commitment to environmentally and sustainability-conscious projects and activities.

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