Co-op Kumamoto receives the Prime Minister's Award for Outstanding Services in Consumer Support


The Consumer Affairs Agency holds the "Consumer Support Outstanding Service Award" every year to honor individuals or organizations/groups that have made outstanding contributions to consumer support activities. The purpose of this award is to protect and promote the interests of consumers. The Consumer Support Outstanding Service Award consists of three awards: the Prime Minister's Award, the Minister of State for Special Missions Award, and the Best Consumer Supporter Award.

JCCU nominated five co-ops this year. As a result, Co-op Kumamoto was selected for the Prime Minister's Award, Iwate Co-op for the Minister of State for Special Missions Award, and the Best Consumer Supporter Award went to Pal System Yamanashi, Fukui Co-op, and Tottori Co-op.

Co-op Kumamoto was commended for the following.
  • (i) Promoting understanding of the SDGs and ethical consumption by holding events such as member exchanges, food tasting, and SDGs-themed events. Holding the "Co-op Festival," an event to introduce the initiative "Let's Expand, let's convey the SDGs", in and outside Kumamoto Prefecture.
  • (ii) Donating the proceeds from the sale of plastic bags to the "City Tram Green Carpet Project" as part of their environmental conservation activities.
  • (iii) Concluding agreements with 35 towns and villages in one prefecture for watch-over activities, and expanding mobile store sales as a support activity for the areas affected by the 2016 Kumamoto Earthquake.
Ms. NAKANO Yuko, Executive Director (left) and Mr. SHIMADA Makoto, President of Co-op Kumamoto, holding the memorial shield and certificate of commendation from the Prime Minister respectively

Upon receiving the award, Co-op Kumamoto said, "We have been actively working to create a community where everyone can live with peace of mind, with the cooperation of our members and officials and staff. We accept the award as a representative of all consumer co-ops nationwide. Encouraged by this award, we will continue to make further efforts to achieve the goals of the SDGs."

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