JCCU Releases Business Summary of major consumer co-ops nationwide


JCCU has summarized the retail sales of 65 community-based retail co-ops in Japan. The total sales of 65 retail co-ops in February 2021 exceeded the amount in the same month of the previous year by 9.6% to 244,651 million JPY (about 2,300 million USD).
The store and the home delivery sales had an increase of 2.1% and 13.7% respectively. The amount of store sales was 75,252 million JPY (707 million USD) accounting for 30.8% of the total sales, while the home delivery sales were 163,160 million JPY (1,534 million USD) accounting for 66.7% of the total sales. For the 13 consecutive months, both the store and the home delivery sales had exceeded the previous year.

スクリーンショット (377).png※The sales in other areas are those that cannot be categorized as either sales in stores or home delivery such as those in kerosene, and funeral services, etc. ※1 JPY = $0.0094 (as of February 26, 2021)

At the stores, the sales of daily necessities and household items fell below the previous year, partly due to a significant increase in demand for masks and hygiene products in the previous year amid the COVID-19 pandemic. In home delivery, sales of agricultural products were increased due to home cooking trend and the high market prices of some agricultural products.

Sales from April 2020 to January 2021 were as follows.

スクリーンショット (375).png
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