CO・OP PEACE MAP is launched


Under the slogan "For Peace and Better Life", consumer co-ops nationwide have engaged in a wide range of peace activities such as organizing events where co-op members listen to the testimonies of hibakusha (atomic bomb sufferers) and people who experienced war and engaging in signature campaigns for the world peace.

CO・OP PEACE MAP is a website that introduces such a wide range of co-op peace activities and the experiences and testimonies of hibakusha as digited data on a digital earth. The digited data is made by the NPO "No More Hibakusha Project--Inheriting Memories of the A- and H-Bomb Sufferers."
In addition to it, you can post a message in hope for peace on  CO・OP PEACE MAP. Please put your wish on an origami crane and post a message. There are both English and Japanese pages.


How to use CO・OP PEACE MAP 

1. Investigate: "CO-OP peace activities"
You can search for peace activities that co-ops nationwide are working on in various communities. Click the photo icons on the map to display the details of the activities. Also, on the digital earth, countries possessing nuclear weapons are displayed in different colors.

2. Reading: "Testimonies of Hibakusha"
By clicking the icons, you can browse the testimonies of hibakusha. Those testimonies are collected and posted on the website by the NPO "No More Hibakusha Project--Inheriting Memories of the A- and H-Bomb Sufferers," (

3. Participation: "Message for world peace"
You can post a message of peace on CO・OP PEACE MAP. The posted message will appear as an origami crane icon in a random location on the digital earth. This is not to send messages to only specific areas, but to reach out to the entire earth with origami cranes filled with peaceful thoughts.

Consumer co-ops will promote activities aimed at a peaceful society while valuing the thoughts and feelings of co-op members regarding peace.

*On the English site, the menu is in English, but the contents such as the experiences and testimonies of hibakusha are written in Japanese.

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