CO・OP Brand Frozen Foods Business Achieves Record Earnings


JCCU announced its frozen foods business results for FY2023 and its future policy.

The sales of JCCU's frozen food business in FY2023 performed well, showing a growth of 104.5% compared to the previous year, reaching a record high. Compared to the supply sales in FY2005, before the frozen food market began to expand, sales in FY2023 grew by 171.1%.

In a survey conducted by JCCU in September 2023 on attitudes towards "household chores," it was found that the top priority for improving efficiency in household chores was "cooking and meal preparation," with an increasing demand for easy-to-use frozen foods. The number of CO・OP brand products on sale in spring 2024 has significantly increased from the past few years. JCCU will continue to expand the lineup of its CO・OP brand frozen food products.

By product category, meat-based delicatessen items such as beef bowl ingredients (stewed beef and vegetables) and chicken nuggets grew significantly, driving overall sales. Additionally, staple categories like noodles and rice, snacks such as takoyaki and okonomiyaki, Chinese side dishes, and Western side dishes like gratin also experienced significant growth. Frozen vegetables maintained their sales from the previous year with staple products like edamame (green soybeans) and spinach, while broccoli and root vegetables showed strong performance.

In the category of products targeting households with children, "Kirakira Step" (a series of products for the weaning period and the toddler food period) and "Kirakira Kids" (products mainly targeting children around 3 to 6 years old) further expanded in FY2023, reaching 108% growth compared to the previous year.

By co-op business category, the sales of frozen foods sold through home delivery channel exceeded the previous year's level, while the sales of frozen foods sold at stores enjoyed a significant result with double-digit growth. 

Future Product Development Policy

Four Pillars of CO・OP brand Frozen Food Product Development
JCCU revised its CO・OP brand frozen food business policy in FY2024. The following are the four pillars of the policy.

Strengthen Core Products
Develop and redevelop products while accurately understanding the needs and requests of co-op members regarding product design, packaging materials, and product labeling improvements.

Profit Structure Reform
Although the costs of raw materials, labor, and fuel, which constitute the cost of CO・OP Products, are on the rise, JCCU will design products that contribute to the livelihood of co-op members.

Future Investments
Since consumer co-ops nationwide are implementing strategies to strengthen the sales of frozen foods, JCCU will promote the development of core products with an eye toward contributing even more to the businesses of member co-ops in the next five to ten years.

Stable supply and building good relationships with business partners.
To maintain and expand CO・OP Products' business, we will ensure a product development system that provides a stable supply and promotes initiatives to become a reliable partner for our business partners.

Products released in spring 2024
Introducing a part (with photos).

Easy to cook in microwave
Four-Cheese Meat Doria, 2 Pcs (360g)
A meat doria(rice gratin) topped by with meat sauce, easy to prepare in a microwave. The meat sauce is made with domestically sourced ingredients.
4種チーズのミートドリア 2個入(360g.jpgのサムネイル画像
Sesame Oil-flavored Soy Sauce Ramen, 2 Servings Pack (205g x 2)
This soy sauce-flavored ramen noodles is easy to prepare. Simply heat the noodles with the included toppings in the microwave, then combine them with the soup, which should be diluted with hot water.
みんなの一杯 ごま油香る醤油ラーメン 2食入(205g×2.jpg
Ethical product
Banana chocolate ice cream bar 6pieces ≪60ml×6≫
Co-op organic banana puree is used. Banana-flavored ice cream bar coated with banana-flavored chocolate.

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