JCCU holds a grant presentation ceremony for FY2023Child Poverty Support Activities


On March 12, 2024, JCCU held a grant presentation ceremony for FY2023 initiatives aimed at combating child poverty.

This marks the fourth consecutive year of JCCU's support for activities addressing child poverty, which commenced in FY2020. Collaborating with the "Children's Future Action" movement, JCCU's support endeavors are conducted in conjunction with its mail-order business. The grants are directed towards initiatives aiding children in the community facing not only economic hardships but also familial challenges such as abuse, social isolation, and limited opportunities.

In FY2023, a record-breaking 52 organizations applied for grants. Following a thorough review process, grants totaling 6.14 million yen were distributed among 15 deserving organizations. Recipients included children's cafeterias (offering free or low-cost meals for children) and educational support groups.

The presentation ceremony adopted a hybrid format, connecting both physical and online attendees at JCCU headquarters. Alongside the distribution of catalogs and certificates to recipient organizations, representatives from these entities showcased their respective activities.

A survey conducted by JCCU across 67 co-ops nationwide and 47 prefectural consumer co-op unions revealed that 62 consumer co-ops and 32 prefectural consumer co-op unions are actively involved in initiatives supporting children in poverty and those experiencing financial hardship. These efforts encompass a wide array of activities, such as operating children's cafeterias, providing educational support, establishing food banks, and organizing food drives. Additionally, economic support measures, including scholarship programs and subsidy systems, are in place to foster the holistic development of children.


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