JCCU submits opinion on the Statement on the Cooperative Identity to ICA


On January 15, 2024, JCCU submitted its opinion on the Statement on the Cooperative Identity to the International Cooperative Alliance (ICA).

This initiative stems from the global discussion on "cooperative identity"  at the ICA Seoul Congress in December 2021. JCCU organized workshops in October 2023, targeting officials, and staff of its member co-ops nationwide, and engaged in discussions at meetings among JCCU member co-ops in November and December.

Considering the perspectives shared in these contexts, JCCU is actively advocating for attention in upcoming global deliberations, with a specific focus on four key points that are considered especially significant.

Four Points to Consider
  • We call for adding "Peace and Non-Violence" to cooperative values.
  • We call for the addition of "Responsibility for the Future" to the ethical values of co-op members.
  • We request that the "staff position/positioning of staff" in cooperatives be mentioned in the Cooperative Principles.
  • We request the inclusion of "utilization" and "investment" in Member Economic Participation, and that they be mentioned in the principles of cooperatives.
The opinions received from around the world will be deliberated within the ICA Advisory Group and reported at the ICA General Assembly in 2024. If it is determined that there is a need to revise the current Statement, further discussions will take place and the revised one will be adopted at the 2025 General Assembly.

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