JCCU has been certified as an excellent childcare support company


JCCU has been awarded Platinum Kurumin certification by the Tokyo Labor Bureau in recognition of its outstanding support for childcare (as of November 13, 2023).
Platinum Kurumin mark

Companies that have formulated and implemented a "General Employer Action Plan" and meet certain certification criteria* are eligible to receive Kurumin certification from the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, based on the "Act on Advancement of Measures to Support Raising Next-Generation Children (temporary legislation until 2025)". 

Among Kurumin-certified companies, companies that have implemented a higher level of initiatives can receive special certification "Platinum Kurumin certification" as excellent childcare support companies.

Certified companies are allowed to put the mark on their products, advertisements, and other materials.

JCCU has obtained Kurumin certification three times to date in 2010, 2016 and 2021. 

With the completion of the fifth term of the action plan period (from June 23, 2020, to March 20, 2023), and having met all twelve special certification criteria, such as achieving a childcare leave rate of over 30% for males and over 75% for females, and maintaining a workforce of female employees who continue to be in employment from childbirth to the child's first birthday at a rate of over 90%, JCCU has received Platinum Kurumin certification for the first time, being recognized as an excellent company supporting childcare.

* promoting the use of childcare leave and annual leave, achieving a certain rate of childcare leave uptake, etc.

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