JCCU and its member co-ops dispatch staff to the Noto Peninsula Earthquake Disaster affected area


JCCU has been gathering information and delivering relief supplies, along with dispatching its staff in cooperation with local co-ops, to support the areas affected by the Noto Peninsula Earthquake. 

The Co-op Ishikawa, operating in the affected area requested on-site support for home delivery operations for four weeks starting from January 15, mainly focusing on two home delivery centers located on the Noto Peninsula. In response to this request, JCCU issued a nationwide call to co-ops for support. The Fukui Coop Society dispatched its staff starting from January 8, while JCCU initiated on-site support from January 10 to 13 as a preliminary measure. Subsequently, Co-op staff from various regions across the country will be dispatched in rotation to provide assistance.

The dispatched personnel are engaged in activities such as confirming the road conditions for delivery trucks, making phone calls to their members, and loading trucks with products.

20240120_職員派遣.jpg     20240120_職員派遣 (2).JPG

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