Enhanced lineup of CO-OP brand products contributing to food waste reduction


The Japanese Consumers' Co-operative Union (JCCU) has been working on the enhancement of products made from sub-standard or unsellable ingredients that were destined for disposal. In addition to three pre-existing products, JCCU launched two new products in September 2023.  

To help realize a sustainable society, JCCU is promoting its Consumer Co-op 2030 Environmental Sustainability Policy in all Consumer Co-ops across Japan. The policy stipulates a reduction of food waste by 50% by 2030 compared to 2018. JCCU has been working on the reduction of food waste through a wide variety of measures. 

For example, in spring of 2023, JCCU released CO-OP Fully Ripe Banana Smoothies made from bananas that did not meet the strict standards for retail sales in terms of appearance and CO-OP Dried Plum of Plum Liquor that takes advantage of the flavor of plums used by liquor manufacturers to make Japanese plum liquor.   

To intensify these types of initiatives further and accelerate efforts to reduce food waste through CO-OP brand products, JCCU rolled out two new products in September: CO-OP Fully Ripe Banana Egg Buns featuring bananas that fall below the aesthetic standard for retail sales and CO-OP Soft, Chewy, and Juicy Fruit Jelly which prevents waste by reusing food ingredients. 

CO-OP Fully Ripe Banana Egg Buns (six buns) (calcium included)
CO-OP Fully Ripe Banana Egg Buns feature fully ripe banana puree that has been kneaded into chewy round egg buns. This product, made from bananas that were deemed unfit for retail sales for aesthetic reasons primarily, helps contribute to the reduction of food waste.     
CO-OP Soft, Chewy, and Juicy Fruit Jelly (Lemon and Strawberry Flavors) 100 g
Soft, chewy, and juicy jelly without added flavor or color is packed with the natural taste and flavor of Japanese fruits. The jelly reduces food waste by using left-over syrup in dry fruit processing.  

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