JCCU receives the Silver Award in the sales category (excluding coffee products) at the 1st Fairtrade Japan Award


On October 3, 2023, the first commendation ceremony of Fairtrade Japan Award was held in Tokyo.

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Fairtrade is an initiative aimed at making the trading system fairer and just, particularly for small-scale producers and workers/laborers in developing countries. It empowers them to escape poverty, protect their local communities and the environment, and work towards achieving a sustainable world. This year marks the 30th year since Fairtrade Japan began its activities as a member of Fairtrade International.

JCCU received the Silver Prize in the sales category (excluding coffee) of the awards, which honor companies and organizations that have made outstanding achievements in Fairtrade promotion in Japan.

Reason for the Award
JCCU has made a significant contribution to making Fairtrade bananas more accessible to consumers by greatly increasing its trade volume in recent years. Other Fairtrade products such as tea and coffee have also been expanded, thus contributing to their widespread adoption. 
As a business primarily focused on selling products other than coffee, JCCU's contribution to fair trade product sales over the last four years is the second largest in Japan.

Scene of the Silver Award presentation in the Sales category (excluding coffee products)
(Left) Radio personality Ms. Mona Neuhauss
(Right) TAKASUGI Yasuhiko, Manager, Agriculture and Meat Products Department, First Merchandizing Division, JCCU

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