Tottori Prefecture Co-op holds "Ethical Festa 2023"


Tottori Prefecture Co-op* held "Ethical Festa 2023" on Saturday, June 17, for the first time in four years. 
At this event, participants heard from CO・OP product manufacturers about their commitment to safety and security, their commitment to good taste, and the "ethical approach" of their products. The event, which was attended by 100 people, provided an opportunity to experience the excellence of CO・OP Products through tasting and sampling. 

The event offered tastings and sample products at 8 CO・OP Product manufacturers booths, as well as booths introducing 5 initiatives (Origami Cranes for Peace, Child Labor Experience, etc.) and more. 

Some of these are introduced below.

CO・OP Product manufacturer's booth
FUNDOKIN SHOYU CO., LTD.  (Manufacture of CO・OP Brand Products including vegetable dressing)
This booth featured product introductions and tastings of several types of dressings. Ethical initiatives were also introduced, including environmentally and human health-conscious bottles and packaging materials, soy sauce made from organic soybeans, and the use of squeezed lees generated in the production process as livestock feed.

Tottori Prefecture Livestock Agricultural Cooperative
At the booth of Tottori Livestock Agricultural Cooperative, famous for its Sanchoku beef, there was an introduction and tasting of an original grilled meat set that is only available at certain co-ops in Tottori. They also explained about Sanchoku beef and introduced ethical initiatives such as circular agriculture that considers the future of Japan.


Nishinihon Eisai CO., LTD.
At the booth of Nishinihon Eisai Co., Ltd., celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Co-op's toilet paper "Core-none Roll" production, visitors experienced the difference in texture between the soft type and the long-rolled type. The company also introduced its ethical initiatives, such as manufacturing from milk cartons submitted by co-op members and the "Core-none Smile School Project," an initiative to support the development of schools in Angola.

Initiative introduction booth
Tottori Prefecture UNICEF Association
UNICEF, which works to protect the lives and rights of all children, had a booth where participants learned about the fact of child labor through exhibits and learned how they can choose fair trade products that do not involve child labor.

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*Tottori Prefecture Co-op is a consumer co-op with membership of 66,036 and conducts home delivery, co-op insurance, and dinner delivery businesses in Tottori Prefecture in the Chugoku region of Japan.

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