FCO・OP holds Bento Game


FCO・OP held the "Bento Game (Lunch Box Game)" for children at its store. The "Bento Game" is a game in which children use toy money to buy the bento ingredient cards provided at the store and make the bento of their choice while taking into consideration the nutrients.

Participants receive point stickers, pay, and receive change, and shop for ingredients within their budget. Once the food is successfully packed in the lunch box, it is finished. The goal of the game is to educate participants about money and nutrition.

Participants ranged from kindergarteners to fifth graders of elementary school, all of whom got along well and enjoyed the games. They thought carefully and shopped with great care to get the amount of ingredients they wanted to buy to match the amount of money they needed. After shopping, they were able to neatly pack the ingredients into their lunch boxes.

  • It was a good learning experience for the children since they don't have many opportunities to use money in the age of cashless shopping nowadays.
  • Children thought hard to match the prices and also learned a lot doing the calculations to get the point stickers.
  • It was difficult to arrange my lunch box. 
  • I could use the money well.
  • It was difficult to buy considering the points. I was happy to get change.
  • At first, I had trouble finding enough money, but I was happy to be able to spend just 500 yen in various ways to make purchases of my choice.

tags: bento game, FCO・OP, food education