Okayama Co-op donates sweets, rice, desserts, etc. to 11 children's homes


Due to the prolonged spread of COVID-19, the situation surrounding children in orphanages (children's home) in Okayama Prefecture is becoming increasingly serious. To help such children, "Niji-no-Kai," a  voluntary association formed by Okayama Co-op and its business partners, donated sweets, rice, desserts, and other items to 11 children's homes in Okayama Prefecture. This is the fifth time this initiative has been held.

The Chairperson of Okayama Co-op, Mr. HIRATA (right), and others present sweets and other items to the children

On December 23, a presentation ceremony was held at the children's home, " Nanya nursery" (Kita Ward, Okayama City), where four "Niji-no-kai" companies, the Chairperson of Okayama Co-op, Mr.HIRATA Shozo, and two co-op member representatives attended and handed sweets and other items to the children.

As it was the day before Christmas Eve, the facility held a Christmas party, which included a fishing game by Okayama Co-op members and a rock-paper-scissors tournament by Mr. AKIYAMA Hideyuki, President of Omachi Co., Ltd., which operates a Dagashi (Japanese penny candies) stores. In return, the children who participated in the event performed a dance to express their thanks.

Children enjoying the "Sweets Fishing Game" prepared by members of the Okayama Co-op

 Performance by " Dagashi Ojisan" (Uncle Dagashi), played by President AKIYAMA

Children performed a thank-you dance

Mr. MITAKE Shiro, Director of Nanya nursery, expressed his gratitude by saying, "This year, the COVID-19 infection spread within the nursery, and both the staff and children had to fight against it. With these gifts as a source of power, we look forward to a fruitful new year."
Mr. AKIYAMA, President, hands an inventory to Mr. MITAKE Director, Nanya nursery (right)
Commemorative group photo

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