Tokushima Co-op holds a food business field seminar for students of Shikoku University Junior College


On October 12, a 100-minute business seminar on food field was held at Co-op Kitajima store of Tokushima Co-op for eight students (including two Vietnamese and one Chinese student) by Professors SAKAMOTO Hiroshi and NISHIBORI Naoyoshi of the Department of Food and Nutrition, Shikoku University Junior College. This is the first seminar held based on the comprehensive collaborative agreement signed between Shikoku University, Shikoku University Junior College, and Tokushima Co-op on February 8, 2022.

Students majoring in food and nutrition are aiming to obtain a nutritionist license (dietitian license), while considering options such as "food distribution," "food development," and "food manufacturing" when seeking employment.

At the beginning of the seminar, OKUBO Hideyuki, Chairman of Tokushima Co-op gave the opening remark and said, "Welcome to Tokushima Co-op. This is the first initiative based on the comprehensive collaborative agreement. I hope you will learn a lot and ask any questions you may have."

Subsequently, Mr. Kawano, the store manager of Co-op Kitajima store, gave an overview of Co-op Kitajima store, its products, and hygiene management, followed by a tour of the store and backyard.

Greetings by OKUBO Hideyuki, Chairman of Tokushima Co-op

Questions from the students included the following:
"Who decides the product layout and shelf display?"
"How do you take measures against Anisakis (a fish parasite)?"
"How is the pre-seasoned meat produced?"

In closing, Professor SAKAMOTO concluded by saying, "Students are also considering finding employment in a wide range of distribution industries. Since they have acquired the necessary knowledge, please consider them for employment if you have any job offers. Thank you very much for your time today."

Explanation of agricultural products

Students observing livestock processing

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