Co-opdeli Group donates 3,149,822 yen to Sado City -Sado Crested Ibis Supporting Rice Project-


The Co-opdeli Consumers' Co-operative Union and its member co-ops have donated 3,149,822 yen raised through the Sado Crested Ibis Supporting Rice Project, an activity promoted by Sado City in Niigata Prefecture to promote environmentally friendly agriculture (biodiversity farming) and to support the return of the crested ibis to the wild. The total amount of donations since the project's inception is 32,741,592 yen over 12 years.

Sado Crested Ibis Supporting Rice Project

On October 8, a donation ceremony was held at a field in Niibo Aoki Sado City. On behalf of the Co-opdeli Group, TOSAKA Yasushi, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Co-opdeli Niigata, presented an inventory to WATANABE Ryugo, Mayor of Sado City and TATENO Shin Chairman of the Board of Directors JA Sado.

From left, TATENO Shin, Chairman of JA Sado, WATANABE Ryugo, Mayor of Sado City, TOSAKA Yasushi, Chairman of Co-opdeli Niigata, NAGAI Shinjiro, Vice Chairman of Co-opdeli Consumers' Co-operative Union

●About crested ibis 
In 1981, the wild crested ibis became extinct when the five remaining were captured. Later, in 2003, the Japanese crested ibis became extinct with the death of the last domestic crested ibis. The last habitat of the crested ibis was Sado Island in Niigata Prefecture. With the hope that the crested ibis would once again take to the skies of Japan, a mate was brought in from China. They were carefully nurtured and successfully hatched, and their numbers are now increasing.

●About the "Sado Crested Ibis Supporting Rice Project"
This project was launched in April 2010 after a collaboration agreement signed between Sado City, Co-op Niigata, and Co-opnet (at that time) for the purpose of "Sado Crested Ibis Conservation Activities." For each purchase of the target products sold through the home delivery service and stores, a portion of the proceeds is donated to the "Sado City Crested Ibis Environmental Improvement Fund." By eating delicious rice from Sado Island, co-op members support rice cultivation in harmony with the crested ibis.

The return of crested ibis to the wild is progressing steadily, with the goal of establishing 60 crested ibis in the wild in 2014, 220 in 2018, and 478 in 2022. The Co-opdeli Group will continue to support rice cultivation that is friendly to all living creatures together with co-op members.

Target products
    産直新潟佐渡コシヒカリ 5kg_1_00169082.jpg無洗米 産直新潟佐渡コシヒカリ 5kg_1_00169084.jpg≪D≫≪産直≫産直新潟佐渡コシヒカリで作った焼おにぎり 6個入(420g)_1_00163640.jpgP2595990A_01.png
From left,Co-op Niigata Sado Koshihikari rice (2 types), Rice balls made from co-op Niigata Sado Koshihikari rice, Ready-to-eat rice made from co-op Niigata Sado Koshihikari rice 

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