Donation ceremony for heavy rain disaster relief


JCCU and its member co-ops nationwide have been conducting fund-raising activities for heavy rain disaster relief through their stores and home deliveries. 
In August 2021, heavy rains hit western Japan and other parts of Japan, causing record-breaking rainfall in a wide area across the country.  Rivers overflew and landslides and other major damage occurred in some areas.  In response to this disaster, 87 co-ops nationwide launched fund-raising campaigns and collected approximately 235 million yen. Of this amount, about 222 million yen was received from 61 co-ops as donations for the "August 2021 Heavy Rain Disaster Relief Fund "* that JCCU called on co-ops nationwide.
In January 2022, a ceremony was held to present 36.9 million yen to Fukuoka Prefecture and 153 million yen to Saga Prefecture as disaster relief funds.

Presentation ceremony in Fukuoka Prefecture:
On January 11th, in Fukuoka Prefectural Government Office, Mr.TSUTSUMI Shingo, President of Fukuoka Prefectural Consumers' Co-operative Union, presented an inventory to Mr.HATTORI Seitaro, Governor of Fukuoka Prefecture.

 (From right)Mr.HATTORI, Mr.TSUTSUMI, Mr.KIKUYA (Managing Director of  
Fukuoka Prefectural Consumers' Co-operative Union), SUGAHARA (Kyusyu Office Manager of JCCU) 
※The face mask was removed just for the photo shooting.

Mr.TSUTSUMI commented, "With the occurrence of disasters every year, and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic since two years ago, I believe that people affected by the disasters have suffered a great deal. As a co-op member, I would be happy if I could help the victims of the disasters even just a little. As a mutual aid organization, we will work together with the government and volunteer groups to assist the victims." 

Mr. HATTORI, the Governor, also expressed his gratitude by saying, "Thank you very much for the warm and heartfelt donation. This is the sixth torrential rain disaster in five consecutive years in Fukuoka prefecture. In some areas, crops have been completely destroyed, and the damage is very serious. We will use the donation as a valuable financial resource to flexibly support those areas that the government alone cannot reach."

Presentation ceremony in Saga Prefecture:

        Mr.YAMAGUSHI (right), Mr.FUKUI(left) 

On January 18, Mr. FUKUI Kenichi, President of Saga Prefectural Consumers' Co-operative Union, presented an inventory to Mr. YAMAGUCHI Yoshinori, Governor of Saga Prefecture, at the Saga Prefectural Office, and in return received a letter of appreciation from him.

Mr. FUKUI remarked, "This is a donation filled with thoughts of support from co-op members nationwide. Please make use of it to support the victims and rebuild the affected areas so that they can return to their normal lives as quickly as possible." ETOU, Standing Board Member of JCCU, mentioned that the co-op has been continuously working to support the victims based on the spirit of being a mutual aid organization. Mr. YAMAGUCHI, the Governor, expressed his heartfelt gratitude for the large amount of donations made towards the relief efforts by saying, "I would also like to express my heartfelt respect for the support activities that have been undertaken every time a disaster occurs. I would like to cherish the feelings of all co-op members nationwide and properly deliver the donation to the people in need in the prefecture".
(From left)Mr.NAKAHARA (Managing Director of Saga Prefectural Consumers' Co-operative Union), ETOU, Mr. YAMAGUCHI, Mr. FUKUI, Mr. SAKAMOTO (Vice President of Saga Prefectural Consumers' Co-operative Union) 
※The face mask was removed just for the photo shooting.

* About Donations for August 2021 Heavy Rain Disaster Relief:
・Acceptance period: August 25, 2021 - December 10, 2021
・Donation channels: Member Co-op stores nationwide, home delivery, etc.
・Donations made by member co-ops to JCCU are expected to be delivered to local governments in the affected areas as relief funds to be used to support disaster victims.

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