Capacity Building Program for Consumer Cooperative Sector in Iran


JCCU held an online Capacity Building Program for Consumer Cooperative Sector in Iran being commissioned by Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) from January 29 to February 19. 

The program was held for a total of 9 days with each day lasting for about 4 hours. Twelve participants including one observer from the Iran Chamber of Cooperatives (ICC) and the related ministries participated, while 14 officials and staff of JCCU gave lectures on various topics.

The program started with the presentation of Iran country report by ICC, followed by lectures by JCCU officials and staff on the "Overview of the organization of consumer co-ops in Japan," "Organizational Management," "Features of Consumer Cooperatives Act," "Home Delivery Business," "Store Business," "Private Brand Products Business," "Quality Assurance Activities," "Logistics," "Digitalization," "Member Activities," and "Human Resources Development and Education System."

Each lecture was followed by a very active question and answer session.

ICC participants during the online program
After receiving all the lectures, ICC participants presented their "Action Plans," which summarized what they had learned from the program and their future business development goals.

Finally, comments were received from the ICC participants as follows: "I learned a lot about the business of JCCU, which can be fully utilized to strengthen the co-operative and co-op businesses in Iran," "I would like to use the knowledge to develop our business in the future."

On the other hand, the JCCU lecturers also commented that they were inspired by the ambitious attitude and willingness of the ICC participants to learn and that it was a very good opportunity even for them to learn about their businesses through the question and answer session.

Mr. Imai Seiju, Director of the Social Security Team/Higher Education and Social Security Group/Human Development Department of JICA, gave a speech at the closing ceremony and mentioned the prospects for the onsite program in the future.

The program ended with a congratulatory address by Jiro Ito, Operating officer/Public Relations of JCCU, followed by the awarding of certificates and a speech by the representative of the ICC participant.

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JCCU will continue to promote inter-cooperation with Iranian co-operatives.

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