UNICEF Study Session held


FCO・OP invited Mr. ISHIO Takumi from the Japan Committee for UNICEF as a resource person for the online UNICEF study session held on December 10 under the theme "Let's start by knowing UNICEF."

As the world is being threatened by the COVID-19 infection, UNICEF is striving to build a world where children in Japan and around the world can live with a sense of security.

At the study session, an overview of UNICEF, a report on the fundraising designated for East Timor, and a discussion on the handling of the COVID-19 infection were given. In the latter half of the session, the participants watched a DVD about UNICEF activities and interacted in groups using worksheets.

Through the interaction the participants were able to discuss what they felt, deepen their understanding, and reflect on what they could do to support UNICEF activities from now.

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[Participant's comments]
  • I was able to refresh my understanding of the harsh situation facing children around the world and the efforts of UNICEF. I also had a chance to interact with the group and had a very meaningful time with them. Looking ahead, I would like to share what I have learned about UNICEF with as many people as possible, rather than just donating money.
  • In Japan, food loss has become a problem. On the other hand, I was shocked to learn that in other countries children are not growing up healthy because of lack of food. It made me think deeply about what I can do to help such children.
  • I was almost moved to tears by the words, "Let every child have an irreplaceable childhood." It made me think again that we must not allow the precious time of our children to be lost due to war, conflict, and poverty.
  • I hope that many children around the world will be able to grow up in an environment where they can receive a healthy education. I also hope that learning opportunities like this one will expand.

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