Kyoto Co-op supports Kyoto City Zoo, the second oldest zoo in Japan, with donations


At the 57th General Assembly of Kyoto Co-op*, it was approved that a part of the surplus for the financial period will be set aside as a contribution fund for the new coronavirus. Following the approval, Kyoto Co-op donated 10 million yen to the Kyoto City Zoo**, the second oldest zoo in Japan.

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The donation made this time will be used to pay for food for the animals living in the zoo that were severely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Kyoto Co-op which aims to create a community where people can live with peace of mind made this donation possible out of a desire to contribute to Kyoto.

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On June 30, at the Kyoto City Zoo lecture room, Mr. HATA Tadao, the President of Kyoto Co-op, presented an inventory to Mr.SAKAMOTO Hidefusa, Director of Kyoto City Zoo, and in turn, received a letter of appreciation from Mr. SAKAMOTO.
Since 2015, Kyoto Co-op has been deepening exchanges with the Kyoto City Zoo through such activities as billboard sponsoring*** and organizing continuous field tours to the zoo as part of co-op members' parent-child learning and exchange activities.

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***Kyoto Co-op supports the Kyoto City Zoo by sponsoring Billboard installation at the Kyoto City Zoo's wild animal area. 

*Kyoto Co-op is a primary co-op with a membership of 559,944 (as of March 20, 2021), engaged in home delivery, stores, welfare, electricity, and funeral services in Kyoto Prefecture, Japan.

** The Kyoto City Zoo was established in 1903 with donations from the citizens of Kyoto and it is the second oldest zoo in Japan. The zoo's philosophy is "to respect the lives and livelihoods of all animals, including humans, and to continue working toward a sustainable society in order to maintain a healthy ecosystem."

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