The number of "Sukusuku Box" deliveries exceeds 20,000


Many member co-ops, as part of their efforts to counter the declining birthrate, deliver gifts containing items necessary for childcare to families  with a message of "Thank you for being born."

In October 2017, Miyagi Co-op started an initiative to deliver "Sukusuku Box" to co-op members who applied for the program, and this is the fourth term since its inception.

meal_kit_1.jpg      meal_kit_2.png
"Sukusuku Box" being received by a co-op member

The "Sukusuku Box" is a box containing co-op products for newborn, food items from sponsor companies, and daily necessities, which is given free of charge. "Sukusuku" means "healthy growth" in Japanese.

Deliveries are made to co-op members residing in Miyagi Prefecture who have newborn babies who are less than a year old. The number of deliveries is between 400 and 600 per month, and in February 2021, the number of deliveries since 2017 exceeded 20,000.

A co-op member who received the box said, "As this is our first child, we were wondering what kind of baby products we should buy, but it was nice to be able to try out sample products before actually purchasing them."

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