Palsystem implements SDGs interactive classes in cooperation with schools


The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology provides strategic support for the organizations that make outstanding efforts to improve the qualities and abilities necessary for leaders, in light of the growing need for education on sustainable development against the background of widespread efforts to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The Palsystem member co-ops have been conducting activities to promote a wider understanding of the SDGs in schools and as part of these activities, Palsystem Gunma delivered a class at a secondary school in Isesaki City. The lecturer was a staff of the Co-op, and in this class, he suggested the students of all grades implement a food drive, which is an activity to bring surplus food at home to schools and donate it to local welfare organizations, facilities, and food banks. In the lecture prior to the event, the students were told that the food drive is an effort to change "Mottainai" (what a waste) into "Arigato" (thank you).

In order to carry out the event, the executive committee was made up of volunteers from the second year, members of several clubs and Co-op staff, and carried out publicity activities with posters and flyers calling for food donations inside and outside the school. On the day of the event, not only the committee members but also many students participated in receiving the food and inspecting their expiration dates. The total amount of food collected was 761 items (219.35 kg), which were donated to NPOs in Gunma Prefecture.
The students of the executive committee collected food items.

The following comments were made by the students, "I want to continue our activities." "I was surprised to find such a large amount of unused food."
One of the teachers commented, "The COVID-19 caused many school events to be cancelled, but this time it was as exciting as a school cultural festival. I won't forget the sense of accomplishment and the smiles on the students at the donation ceremony. I am so grateful to the continuous support of Palsystem Gunma."

The Palsystem staff member in charge of the food drive commented, "This activity was featured on the local TV news and we have received inquiries from other schools. Cooperation with schools has great potential to spread co-op's activities to the community".


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