Co-op App adds Smart Receipts function


A number of consumer co-ops have introduced the Co-op App, an application software, as a communication tool with co-op members, such as giving announcements and ordering of products.

Co-op Kagoshima provides services using the Co-op App for events and stores sale information, e-Friends order acceptance, issuance of discount coupons, payment by Co-op Money, and balance confirmation. The Smart Receipts function has been added since January 2021. The function allows users to check the receipt received after payment on their smartphone.

At the first checkout after registration, they need to present the barcode they have pre-registered with their email address or mobile phone number, and membership card. From the next time onwards, they can check their receipts (usage history) on the app. Newly registered members will be given CO・OP Brand Products as a gift and a discount coupon that can be used during their next shopping.

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tags: Co-op App, Smart Receipt