FY2019 Co-op business statistics


JCCU summarizes the FY2019 organization and financial conditions (definite/fixed value) of 565 consumer co-ops including JCCU community-based member co-ops, the Health and Welfare Co-ops, and University Co-ops.

Features of 2019
1. Membership of co-ops has increased for 11 consecutive years. About one-third of the total households nationwide are members of community-based retail co-ops

The total membership of co-ops has increased for the 11th consecutive year, reaching 29.61 million in FY2019, an increase of 380,000 from the previous year (101.3% year-on-year).
The membership of the community-based retail co-ops*1 alone was 22.66 million (101.8% year-on-year), and the household subscription rate was 38.4% (up 0.3 points year-on-year).

*1: Community-based retail co-op: A co-op that provides products and services through home delivery and supermarkets.


Membership of co-ops nationwide

2. Co-ops nationwide: Main Features - increase sales and decrease profits

The total business turnover*2 of consumer co-ops nationwide was 3,549.4 billion yen, an increase of 14.1 billion yen (100.4% year-on-year), and a decrease in the ordinary surplus*3 with a value of 37.8 billion yen (90.0% year-on-year).

*2: Total business turnover: The value obtained by adding business income such as co-op insurance and welfare to the "total retail sales" such as product sales.

*3: Ordinary surplus: The sum of business surplus and non-business profit/loss. It is equivalent to the ordinary income of corporate organizations.

3. Community-based retail co-ops: Home delivery business continues to perform well

The total business turnover of the community-based retail co-ops obtained was 2,895.6 billion yen (100.7% year-on-year). Retail sales continue to increase for seven consecutive years, and the ordinary surplus decreased by 33.6 billion yen (89.9% year-on-year).

The home delivery sales of community-based retail co-ops increased to 1,841.8 billion yen (101.5% year-on-year). Among them, the individual home delivery sales continued to grow at 1,329.8 billion yen (102.6% year-on-year).

Store sales decreased to 896.6 billion yen (99.4% year-on-year) for the second consecutive year. The total number of stores was 961 (down 4 stores from the previous year), and the sales floor area was 1.3 million m2 (100.8% compared to the previous year).

地域生協 宅配と店舗(英語).png
Community-based retail co-ops store sales
2019年度 店舗事業供給高(Eng).jpg
Community-based retail co-ops home delivery sales

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