Co-op Kumamoto supports areas affected by the heavy rain


On November 23, Co-op Kumamoto collaborated with the Kumamoto Prefectural Council of Social Welfare, a medical corporation, and a local NPO corporation to prepare meals at the temporary housing plaza for disaster victims in Kuma Village, Kumamoto Prefecture, one of the areas most damaged by the Heavy Rain in July 2020. The Heavy Rain in July 2020 occurred in various parts of Japan such as the Kyushu and Chubu region from July 3 to 31 and caused great damage to each area. Above all, in Kumamoto Prefecture, 13 locations in the Kuma River system overflowed or collapsed that caused a large number of houses to flood.

This activity was carried out based on the "Agreement on Support for Disaster Areas in the Event of a Disaster" concluded on October 26 by the Kumamoto Prefectural Council of Social Welfare, an NPO corporation, and the Co-op Kumamoto. The purpose of this agreement is to contribute to the speedy restoration in the event of a large-scale disaster in Kumamoto Prefecture by establishing a disaster volunteer center and quick and efficient support activities through the cooperation of the local organizations.

The staff provided warm meals, sweets, beverages, and clothing gathered from consumer co-ops nationwide. In addition, the staff of the medical corporation conducted palpation, blood pressure measurement, and health consultation. The victims expressed their appreciation by saying, "Thank you for coming to the temporary housing and providing a place for interaction." A staff who participated in the support activities for the first time commented, "I am glad to participate with courage and contribute to everyone's happiness. I am looking forward to attending the next one".
In this way, the consumer co-ops in the areas affected by the Heavy Rain in July 2020 support the lives of the victims by providing meals, clothing, cleaning houses, and raising funds with the cooperation of co-ops. 

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