Ibaraki Co-op holds 'Thanks Match'


Since 2014, Ibaraki Co-op has signed a sponsorship contract with Mito Holly Hock, a football team that plays in the 2nd Division of the Japan Professional Football League, and is based in 5 cities, 3 towns and 1 village including Mito City in Ibaraki Prefecture. Ibaraki Co-op has been providing support such as the activities expenses and the provision of CO・OP Brand Products. In addition, they are jointly promoting social initiatives such as the promotion of sports in the prefecture, UNICEF fundraising, and the "Fukushima Children's Recreation Project", a support activity for the disaster area reconstruction following the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake.

On September 6, 2020, as part of its support, "Ibaraki Co-op Thanks Match" between Mito Holly Hock and Tochigi Football Club" was held at a stadium in Mito (with a maximum capacity of approximately 12,000 people). Thanks match is a home game that sponsors hold events and public relations activities.

In order to prevent infection and spread of COVID-19, the Match was limited to 2,000 free spectators, and the annual opening match by the elementary school teams was canceled. Mr. TSURUNAGA Yoshiji, the Chairman of Ibaraki Co-op greeted on the occasion and presented souvenirs to both teams. In their PR booth, Ibaraki Co-op promoted the "60th Anniversary of CO・OP Brand Products" and "Tasukeai Mutual Aid" of Japan CO-OP Insurance Consumers' Co-operative Federation. The result was 1-2, Mito Holly Hock lost.

Some consumer co-ops have similarly signed sponsorship contract and the provision of food as their support to professional football and basketball teams.

 Greeting by Mr. TSURUNAGA Yoshiji, the Chairman of Ibaraki Co-op
Banner displaying 'THANKS CO・OP' made by supporters

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Handbill distribution to visitors                                                        State of Ibaraki Co-op PR booth 

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