Gifu Prefecture Consumers' Co-operative Union Participates in the online training of Gifu Prefecture Liaison and Coordination Committee for Disaster Volunteers


Since 2019, Gifu Prefecture has set up the "Gifu Prefecture Liaison and Coordination Committee for Disaster Volunteers" and has been conducting training in anticipation of damage caused by a large-scale earthquake.

It held the online training exercise on August 30, 2020, participated by 20 local governments and organizations such as the Gifu Prefecture Consumers' Co-operative Union, Gifu Prefecture Local Government, Social Welfare Council, and NPOs.

They were not ready to accept disaster volunteers during the heavy rains in July 2018 and it took quite some time to secure the required number of people. Reflecting on that, they trained themselves to get ready immediately for the establishment of the Disaster Relief Volunteer Center. 

This year, the following training was conducted successfully.

・Early holding of the committee meeting as a general coordinator for the disaster volunteers to exert their full potential and to share damage information among participating organizations

・Reporting of support activities of each organization based on damage information

・Confirmation of the effectiveness of information sharing using online amid the Coronavirus epidemic

This time the training was conducted on the assumption that an inland earthquake with a magnitude of 7.4 which originated in the western part of the Mino region of Gifu prefecture has caused great damage centering on Gifu and Chuno districts. The training was carried out smoothly. 

The role of the Gifu Prefecture Consumer Co-operative Union is to supply essential goods, provide meal support, and offer gathering places based on an agreement with the prefecture. Through this training, participants reaffirmed the importance of communication among the groups on a daily basis in order to quickly establish the system.

Online meeting 

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