Home delivery staff of Kyoto Co-op start wearing air-conditioning clothes


From the end of June 2020, Kyoto Co-op home delivery staff started wearing air-conditioning clothes to work.

Air-conditioning clothes are clothes designed with a built-in small electric fan. The fan draws in a large amount of outside air to flow along the surface of the body to vaporize sweat, thus allowing the wearer to feel cool and comfortable. The small fan runs on a small rechargeable battery that can be removed to charge and the clothes are washable.

A delivery staff visits about 20 members a day to deliver orders, sell products, and recruit new members. Despite the intense heat, they are obliged to wear masks as a measure to prevent the new coronavirus infection and work in a very harsh environment. 

Kyoto Co-op has been providing sports drinks and salty tablets to them as a countermeasure against heatstroke. The air-conditioning clothes are additional measures to reduce the workload in the searing summer.



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