"For your smile" Kyoto Co-op Brand Movie is now showing!


Kyoto Co-op's Brand Movie, "For your smile" featuring Kyoto Co-op's staff at work is brought to you on YouTube. 
The video shows the staff of Kyoto Co-op working toward the staff vision of "Be a dependable neighbor." It is created with the hope that by watching this video the staff members would feel proud to work for Kyoto Co-op.

The video is open to the public so that staff members' families could see how they are working, and as well it can boost the interest of people who want to work in Kyoto Co-op and further raise the interest of the general public in the work of Kyoto Co-op.

In this video, the smiling faces of the co-op staff who are working vigorously and the co-op members are shown. In addition, Kyoto Co-op's home delivery business, stores, welfare, insurance, funerals, call centers, mobile stores, inspection centers, headquarters, child care support, etc. are shown in the video, so you can understand what kind of businesses and activities that Kyoto Co-op is engaged in. The video and music here were both created by Kyoto Co-op. **

There is the saying "a picture is worth a thousand words." Please take a look at the examples of the businesses and activities engaged in by Kyoto Co-op as one example of the Japanese consumer co-ops.

*This video was taken before the new coronavirus pandemic, so the staff members did not wear face masks.

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**Music lyrics are translated into English below.

I wonder what work is
I think of it sometimes
I feel like it's not the only thing that keeps us alive 
If you listen carefully and connect hearts together
If you spend time together with everyone rather than being alone
Can you smile more
Be a good neighbor
Be a reliable person
Your smile is my power to live and work
That is where my true happiness is

Good morning
If that one word cleans the air every morning
If you hold hands together with people who are in pain or suffering
Will the sky clear up?
Be a good neighbor
Be a reliable person
For your future
Support and connect each other
The hope for tomorrow is here
Be a dependable neighbor
kyoto_co-op_the_movie3.png kyoto_co-op_the_movie4.png 

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