Fukushima nuclear power plant decommissioning process inspection tour


From November 7-8, 2019, JCCU organized “Fukushima nuclear power plant decommissioning process inspection tour”. The purpose is to observe the current situation in Fukushima, such as the state of the "difficult-to-return zone" in Fukushima Prefecture and how the decommissioning work of TEPCO Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station is proceeding. 21 people including board members of 9 consumer co-ops and federations from across Japan participated.

The inspection group first visited various facilities operated by individuals and private organizations.

At “Reconstruction Restaurant “Hotokuan”, a restaurant operating under the theme of “Reconstruction led by food culture” in a temporary shopping street in Soma City, Mr. OSHIDA, a representative of an NPO in Soma City “Reconstruction Support Center MIRAI” explained the efforts for regional revitalization.

fukushima-tour-2019-hotokuan.jpg fukushima-tour-2019-fukko-center-mirai.jpg

“Futaba Info” is a private facility that shares the current situation of Futaba District and publicizes both within and outside the prefecture. Mr. HIRAYAMA from the operational organization of “Futaba Future Meeting” gave an explanation of the current situation in the region.


Official website: https://futabainfo.com/facility/?lang=english external_link.png

Participants also visited “OCAFE”, which is operated as a resting place for former residents and volunteers in Namie Town.

The Futaba District where “Futaba Info” and “OCAFE” are located is still restricted to live and stay in most areas. In some areas, so-called “difficult-to-return zone”, entry itself is prohibited with some exceptions. The tour participants visited the area while traveling in a bus and subsequently visited the nuclear facilities.

At the Interim Storage Facility Information Center, the tour participants learned the entire facilities at the center by video show.


Official website: http://www.jesconet.co.jp/interim_infocenter/en/index.html external_link.png

At the TEPCO Decommissioning Archive Center, the group received explanations about decommissioning work and realized the time required for the whole process of decommissioning.


Official website: http://www.tepco.co.jp/fukushima_hq/decommissioning_ac/pdf/leaflet-e.pdf external_link.png

They also visited the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station to receive explanation of the current situation and future prospects.

Tour participant’s impression: “The explanations were very easy to understand. I was able to understand the feelings of the people of Fukushima.” “It was good to learn about Fukushima and interact with people from various viewpoints with the same thought and feelings and make connections.”

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