Typhoon Hagibis disaster area support by Co-ops Nationwide 2


Support for victims of Typhoon Hagibis by consumer co-ops nationwide continues.

1) Volunteer Bus Cooperative


On November 24, JCCU called on its officials and staff and other cooperative organizations and operated a volunteer bus tour. 21 people participated from the Japan Co-operative Alliance (JCA), a related organization of the National Federation of University Co-operative Associations (NFUCA), the Japan CO-OP Insurance Consumers' Co-operative Federation (JCIF), Japanese Health and Welfare Co-operative Federation (HeW Co-op Japan), Japan Workers' Co-operative Union, and JCCU.

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We will continue to share information and cooperate with other cooperative sectors on the disaster area support.

2) Tochigi Consumers’ Co-operative Union

Tochigi Consumers’ Co-operative Union conducts large-scale volunteer activities by members and employees of its member co-ops.

A total of 169 people from Tochigi Yotsuba Co-op, Tochigi Co-op, and Palsystem Ibaraki Tochigi participated in these volunteer activities from October 20 to November 3. Thereafter, the Union has continued to dispatch volunteers.


State of the removal work of sediments and sand

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Many female co-op staff participate in volunteer activities

3) Volunteer Project for reconstruction of Shinshu Agriculture

On November 14, the “Volunteer Project for Shinshu* Agriculture Reconstruction” started in Nagano Prefecture. Nagano Consumers’ Co-operative Union participates in the Nagano Disaster Relief Network, one of the main organizations of the project. The staff of Nagano Consumers’ Co-operative Union and its member co-ops contribute to the project management mainly through the reception work of volunteer centers.

* a traditional name for Nagano Prefecture

The affected area in Nagano Prefecture is a major producer of apples and peaches; however, after one month of the disaster, agricultural land recovery is still not progressing. This project was established to promote recovery through collaboration between the private sector and the government.

Work is done through the formation of a committee. JA Nagano (agricultural co-op), Nagano Prefecture Disaster Support Network, Nagano Prefecture Social Welfare Council, etc. play a central role, and Nagano Prefecture, Nagano City, ICAN, etc. participate as cooperation organizations. While coordinating with the local government’s disaster recovery work, volunteer consolidation and dispatch to the farmland are made.

Volunteers are paid travel discounts as well as services from restaurants and accommodations that support the project.

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(Left) a volunteer center/ (Right) Damaged apple farms

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