Tokai Co-op Business Federation's cooperation with a food bank


In Japan, it is estimated that there are approximately 6.43 million tons of food waste per year. On the other hand, the number of poor and needy persons is increasing. As of August 2019, according to a survey by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, approximately 1,636 thousand households nationwide receive welfare benefits. Consumer co-ops nationwide are working on food drives and cooperating with local food banks to reduce food waste and provide support for needy people.

Tokai Co-op Business Federation is responsible for the procurement and logistics of the products of Co-op Gifu, Co-op Aichi, and Co-op Mie. The total membership is approximately 922 thousand.

Left-over items are generated every week at the business federation’s distribution center of cold products mainly reserves products or products that cannot be sold due to short shelf life. Tokai Co-op Business Federation donates these products to Food Bank Gifu, with Co-op Gifu serving as contacts between them.

Every week, volunteer staff of Food Bank Gifu go to the distribution center, do the sorting, and deliver to the households that need food on the day. They deliver to about 40 households a week.

Comment by the food bank staff: “In the past, only room temperature products such as rice and bread were delivered. By receiving refrigerated products from Tokai Co-op Business Federation, meat and other products could be also delivered. Delivering various food makes their diet balanced.”


Food delivery ceremony at Food Bank Gifu held in September 2019

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