Typhoon Hagibis disaster area support by Co-ops Nationwide


We would like to express our heartfelt condolences to the victims of Typhoon Hagibis. JCCU and its member co-ops are working on a variety of support activities.



JCCU is calling on its member co-ops nationwide for emergency fund-raising from October 18 to December 20 2019. The donation received from member co-ops by JCCU will be delivered to the victims as support funds through the municipalities of the disaster areas or used for disaster relief activities by co-ops.

Besides, JCCU is cooperating with the consumer co-ops in the affected areas in coordinating the dispatch of volunteers and volunteer coordinators at volunteer centers. On October 25, operation support for the Nagano City Disaster Volunteer Center started. Six staff members from Okayama Co-op, Co-op Hiroshima, Fukui Co-operative Society, Co-op Kobe, and Co-opdeli Consumers ’Co-operative Union are participating.

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2) Producers support by Palsystem Group

Staff members of Palsystem Group started support activities at its Sanchoku production areas in Nagano Prefecture from October 23, 2019. The activities include removing sediment and sand from producers' homes and agricultural product storage facilities, and throwing away trash. 150 staff members participate in this activity, and between 20 and 30 people are active participants on daily basis.

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3) Producers support by Miyagi Co-op

Miyagi Co-op started support activities by its staff at its Sanchoku production areas in Miyagi Prefecture from October 23, 2019.

The activities include removing sediment and sand from producers' homes and pig houses, and removing broken greenhouses. A total of 150 people were dispatched in 7 days.

In addition, 2 million yen was provided from the “Miyagi Co-op Earthquake Reconstruction and Disaster Relief Fund” as donation to producers and to help with the operating costs of the Disaster Volunteer Center.


Also, local consumer co-ops nationwide are calling for donations from their members.

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