The preventive effect of "10 Basic Care by Co-op" was demonstrated


In 2018, JCCU demonstrated the preventive effect of the Co-op nursing care service, the “10 Basic Care by Co-op” through multi-faceted verification by researchers.

The“10 Basic Care by Co-op” regards daily life activities as rehabilitation and aims to maintain and improve activities of daily living of the elderly. Introduction of the system to co-ops nationwide began in 2016, and as of the end of September 2019, out of 54 co-ops (including social welfare corporations being run by co-op) engaged in welfare businesses, 30 co-ops and corporations incorporate the system.

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Proven effect:

  1. Giving advice to the cared person on how to put weight on their lower body and shifting body balance on their own and supporting his/her independent living lead to preventing the decreasing of body function (ability to exercise).
  2. Building great relationship such as respecting the intentions of the cared person, having communication and providing relaxed atmosphere can contribute to preventing the deterioration of the cared person’s cognitive function, motivation and social involvement.
  3. A comparison between the co-ops that conduct the “10 basic care by Co-op” (implementation group) and those that do not (non-implementation group) show that the quality of care regarding providing meals, bathing and helping with excretion is high in the implementation group.

Currently, the Long-term Care Insurance Committee, the Social Security Council, Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare are discussing the revision of the Long-term Care Insurance System in 2021. JCCU will endeavor to further disseminate the“10 Basic Care by Co-op” and compile the proposals for the system revision based on the results of the survey conducted, seeking to improve government measures that will support the independence of care receivers and to lead to the prevention of their severity.

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