Community-based health promotion by health and welfare co-ops


Japanese health and welfare co-ops place great importance on health promotion for members and local residents. Throughout the year, health study sessions, frail prevention gymnastics workshops, blood pressure self-checks, etc. are actively held.

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One of the most distinctive activities is the "Community-based Health Promotion" held nationwide which is declared in the "Philosophy of Health and Welfare Co-op".

In this activity, smoking cessation and exercise is carried out for a certain period according to the "8 lifestyles" and "2 health indicators" that are common nationwide and their specific numerical targets. Like other initiatives, it encourages not only co-op members but also local residents to participate, many with the support of local governments.

In fiscal 2018, approximately 140,000 people participated nationwide.

Examples of initiatives in fiscal 2018

community-based-health-check03.jpgのサムネイル画像At Morioka Health and Welfare Co-op, 1,948 people achieved their goals. The co-op not only invited members to join the activity, but also visited 17 places, such as schools and nurseries where the co-op serves as a school dispensary, and invited them to participate in health challenges. Approximately 500 people participated, including teachers, students, and nursery school children. At one junior high school, teachers and students made it the theme for the summer vacation.

community-based-health-check04.jpgのサムネイル画像In Okayama, Okayama Consumers' Co-operative Union promotes the initiative in cooperation with Okayama Health and Welfare Co-op every year. In fiscal 2018, 13,286 people participated, in which many were elementary school students. The initiative was supported by Okayama Prefecture, 15 cities and 10 towns, 4 Boards of Education and The Sanyo Shimbun. Between October and December 2018, adults and children took part for 60 days and 30 days respectively.


The 2019 "Community-based Health Promotion" is currently being held nationwide.

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