Osaka Izumi Co-operative Society's Initiatives to Reduce Plastics


oosaka-izumi-reducing-plastic-bags.jpgのサムネイル画像In January 2019, Osaka Prefecture, Osaka City and Sakai City conducted Osaka Declaration toward Zero Plastic Waste. The Osaka Izumi Co-operative Society approved of this and decided to stop the free distribution of plastic bags at the Fukasaka store, Shiroyama store, and Onoshiba store from November 1.

Osaka Izumi Co-operative Society has been operating "Eco Discount" system to offer a 2 yen discount to shoppers who declined shopping bags. This time’s initiative is an alternative to the system and will further reduce plastics. All plastic bags will be charged to persons who request for them, 3 yen for small size and 5 yen for large size. The plastic shopping bags for sale use 30-50% of plant-derived plastic. All proceeds generated from shopping bags are donated to NPOs that work on environmental issues.

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