JCCU participates in International Cooperative Forum


From September 19-20, 2019, the International Cooperative Forum, sponsored by The Central Union of Consumer Societies of the Russian Federation (Centrosoyuz of Russia) was held at ETNOMIR in Kaluga region near Moscow. Participants from 36 countries, including Dr. Ariel Guarco, President of ICA, Mr. Jean-Louis Bancel, President of Cooperatives Europe, and  ARAI Chitose, Vice President of JCCU and also Vice Chair of ICA-AP participated in the event.

At the Plenary Session on the 19th, the National Congress of Russian producer cooperatives was held with the theme "Cooperation. Time for Solutions". Russian government officials and cooperative officials reported that co-op is indispensable for the lives of local people.

The 'Consumer Cooperation 2030' session was held on the 20th and participants from each country reported their cooperative activities. ARAI of JCCU gave a report on the overview of Japanese co-ops, Co-op Action Plan for SDGs and the social role of Japanese consumer co-ops. As specific case reports, she introduced the "mobile store" trucks that sell daily commodities in areas of shopping inconvenience such as mountainous areas, and the "regional watching-over activities" that confirm the safety of elderly people living alone at the home delivery destinations.


Activity report by ARAI, Vice President of JCCU

During the exhibition, other sessions such as 'Involvement of cooperatives in creating and promoting regional brands' 'Digitalization and new opportunities for cooperatives' 'Youth entrepreneurship and the future of cooperation' were held and cooperative officials from various countries participated and engaged in active discussions.

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