"Aomori Citizens' Denki (electricity)" starts child-rearing support plan


Co-op Aomori has announced that it will start to sell "Aomori Citizens’ Denki (electricity)" from September 2019.

"Aomori Citizens’ Denki" is a power retail product sold by Aomori Prefectural Energy Co., Ltd., which Aomori Kenmin Consumers' Co-operative founded with joint capital of Mirai Energy Holdings Co., Ltd. in January 2017. Aomori Prefectural Government Institutional Co-op started to sell the product in June 2017. Now it is known to citizens as “co-op’s electricity”.

“Aomori Citizens’ Denki” is promoted under the concept of “local consumption of locally produced energy”, which means electricity generated in Aomori should be consumed in Aomori. It preferentially supplies electricity generated by companies in Aomori. It also gives priority to electricity generated at sustainable energy power stations. In 2017 the electricity generated under the Feed-in tariff (FIT) scheme by “Citizen Wind Power Generation Oma” in Aomori accounted for 60% of the total power supply.

The basic charge of “Aomori Citizens’ Denki” is set equal to the general market price and its meter rate is lower than the conventional one by about 3%. In addition to this low price, 3 consumer co-ops are planning to offer “Child-rearing Support Plan” for families who live in Aomori prefecture and have children under three years old. A discount of 10% off from the basic charge will be given them for 36 months from the date of their application.

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