The July 2018 West Japan Heavy Rain emergency donation fundraising by consumer co-ops nationwide exceeded 1 billion JPY


In order to support the rebuilding of the lives of victims and the reconstruction activities of the local community, JCCU called on its member co-ops nationwide for emergency fundraising immediately after the disaster caused by the heavy rain in the West Japan area in July 2018. Between July 13 and December 14, 2018 a total amount of 789.425 million yen was donated by 213 consumer co-ops and business federations nationwide.

Besides, the amount of donation remitted directly by 34 consumer co-ops in various regions to the afflicted area was about 234.413 million yen (as of December 17). The total sum therefore was 1.02 billion yen.

Through local governments which were affected by the disaster, the funds raised by JCCU will be delivered to the victims as relief funds and part also be utilized for activities to support the living of the victims.

Breakdown of fundraising:

  1. Donation money: The total sum is 774.341 million yen and will be directly allocated to the victims through local governments of 10 prefectures including Okayama, Hiroshima and Ehime.
  2. Support money: The total sum is 15.084 million yen. This will be used to support activities by co-ops and the various volunteer groups in the disaster area.

JCCU, together with consumer co-ops and co-op members nationwide pray for the earliest recovery of the disaster areas.

july-2018-heavy-rain-total-donation01.JPG july-2018-heavy-rain-total-donation02.JPG july-2018-heavy-rain-total-donation03.JPG

State of donation to each prefecture

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