JCCU launches a new project "Healthy Co-op"



In 2019, JCCU launches "Healthy Co-op", a new initiative to support health improvement through health supporting products and providing recipes which are suitable for each life stage.

The project started based on the comments of Co-op members that there is a need for health improvement support for wide generations, from children to seniors.

1.    Development and improvement of COOP Brand Products

(1) Revamping products to salt-reduced ones

JCCU gives priority on ‘Reducing Salt Intake’ that co-op members in a wide range of generations are concerned about. Three popular CO・OP Brand Products are already revamped. “CO・OP boneless mackerel” series which sell over 10 million packages in a year, became less with salt content in the range of 14.3~33.3% and still maintain the good taste as before.


(2) Launching two easy-to-understand marks “Tegaruni Toreru” and “Oishiku Herasu”

The mark ‘KENKOU HAIRYO’ (health consideration) printed on the present CO・OP Brand Products will be replaced with ‘TEGARUNI TORERU (more nutrients)’’OISHIKU HERASU (less salt/sugar/fat, still tasty)’ which will be helpful for customers to make a choice.

‘TEGARUNI TORERU (more nutrients)’ are mainly high-vegetable delis, high-protein snacks, and food including more than 8.1g soybean protein per 100g. ’OISHIKU HERASU (less salt/sugar/fat, still tasty)’ are mainly low-sugar and fiber-rich confectionery, low-salt condiments, and low-calorie delis.

JCCU will expand the products with the mark from 140 to about 300 in FY2019.


2. Recommending Recipes

JCCU releases ‘Healthy Co-op Recipe’ by a dietitian, Ms. NAKATSUGAWA Kaori using standard CO・OP Brand Products at a pace of sixteen recipes per month. The recipes are of 9 categories, e.g., low-salt, high-fiber, high-calcium, soy-bean oriented, to meet co-op members various demand. The recipes are available at co-op stores, on home delivery catalogs, and on the official webpage of JCCU at the recipe sharing platform cookpad, all free of charge.


Healthy Co-op Recipe (examples)


Tasting food cooked with Healthy Co-op Recipe at a co-op store

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