Miyagi Co-op participates in hydrogen energy utilization demonstration experiment project


The Low Carbon Hydrogen Technology Demonstration in Cooperation with Local Government is a public tender by the Ministry of the Environment to demonstrate a low carbon hydrogen supply chain as a mid- to long-term global warming countermeasure. Tomiya City in Miyagi Prefecture jointly with Miyagi Co-op, Hitachi, LTD., and Marubeni Corporation received the consignment in August 2017.

In this experiment, hydrogen is produced from the electricity produced by the solar power generation system adjoined to the Tomiya Logistics Center of Miyagi Co-op. It is stored into hydrogen storage alloy cassettes and delivered to the homes of 3 individual members of Miyagi Co-op, Miyagi Co-op Akashidai Store, and a Tomiya City’s childrens' facility. Users attach the cassettes to pure hydrogen fuel cells to generate electricity and heat.

The experiment began in August 2018, and the results will be summarized by March 2030. Based on the results of demonstration experiments, Miyagi co-op, Hitachi, LTD., Marubeni Corporation, and Tomiya City aim to contribute to the realization of low carbon society by expanding the supply chain built in Tomiya City to the entire areas of Miyagi prefecture, all over the Tohoku region, and nationwide.

tags: CO2 reduction, cooperation with local government, environment, hydrogen energy, Miyagi Co-op