July 2018 Heavy Rain and 2018 Hokkaido Eastern Iburi Earthquake


Almost three months have passed since the occurrence of heavy rain which brought enormous damage to the West Japan area, but there are still victims living in evacuation centers.

JCCU and co-op nationwide have been continuing to provide human support by sending co-op staff to the affected areas. Activities include tidying up homes suffered from the disaster, support for moving to temporary housings, health management and support by volunteer staff nurses, and delivery of relief supplies. There are cases where trucks of the co-op home delivery business are utilized to support victims moving to temporary housing as well as delivering relief supplies.

JCCU has extended the period for the “2018 East Japan heavy rain emergency donation fundraising and still calls on co-op nationwide for their continuing cooperation.

Also, on September 6, "2018 Hokkaido Eastern Iburi Earthquake” occurred, resulting in major damage such as large-scale landslides and blackout. JCCU wishes to express its deep condolences to the affected people.

The Hokkaido Consumers’ Co-operative Union has established a fund donation account and in respect of this JCCU calls on member co-ops nationwide to support the emergency donation until December 15, 2018 through co-op stores and home delivery outlets to help with the rebuilding of the lives of victims and local reconstruction activities. Through the Hokkaido Consumers’ Co-operative Union, the collected funds will be used as support money for the victims, reconstruction of the disaster-stricken area, and the Co-ops in Hokkaido.

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