"Coopdeli Denki (Electricity)" - 3 Consumer co-ops in Northern Kanto participates in electricity retailing business




Co-opdeli Consumers’ Co-operative Union (Co-opdeli) together with its member co-ops, with the aim of achieving a sustainable society, has been promoting the reduction of CO2 emissions through the use of electricity procurement and power generation of electricity that uses renewable energy resources as well as using such electricity at its business offices.

In order to supply electricity with a high power generation ratio by renewable energy to the individual members, Co-opdeli established the foundation of electric retailing business and in October 2017 Co-op Mirai, one of the member co-ops of Co-opdeli, started the electricity retailing business called "Coopdeli Denki".

From September 2018, the 3 member Co-ops of Co-opdeli namely, Ibaraki Co-op, Tochigi Co-op, and Co-op Gunma entered into electricity retailing business. There are two price settings.

FIT Electricity Menu

The Co-op will supply almost 80% of FIT electric power ratio generated from renewable energy as the agency of “Earth-Club Co., Ltd” which is a 100% subsidiary of JCCU. While supplying FIT electricity at a high ratio, electricity charges are lower than the general household electricity charges.

Basic Electricity Menu

The Co-op will procure 35% FIT electricity from Eneserve Corporation.  Focusing on contribution to households, the electricity charges are lower than the price in FIT electricity menu.

The FIT Electricity offered as a main power supply in the “FIT Electricity Menu” includes solar power generated by the power generation facilities adjoined to the logistics centers of Co-opdeli, the biomass power generated utilizing the food garbage from co-op stores and forest thinning wood, and the solar power generation by power generation facilities run by Sanchoku farmers trading with Co-opdeli.

In order to register to use the service, one has to become a Co-op member. Co-op members can sign a contract for the use of “Co-op Electricity “and Co-op will work on their behalf to do cancellation of their previous contract with electricity retailers and further arrange for meter installation. The meter exchange construction fee is free.

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