Tokai Co-op Business Federation upgraded home delivery order system for visually impaired people



Tokai Co-op Business Federation had upgraded the internet voice order system first developed in 2007, and in June 2018, released it as "e-friends de audio catalog".

The system allows the ordering and receiving of home delivery goods while listening to the voice guidance application on mobile phones.

In the Tokai area, this newly rebuilt ordering system is the fourth generation of the voice order system since its first launch in 1995.

The newly added functions are as follows:

  • Voice search function: When the user speaks or voice out a part of the product’s name, the application selects and reads matched products.
  • "Read aloud from the usual items" function: the application reads the user’s order history and supports shopping.
  • When the user selects a product, the application announces detailed information of the product, such as expiration date, allergen, cooking method and storage method.

In addition, in various modes, such as goods registered in the favorite, sorted by order number, category, etc., the app reads the product name and supports the order.

It also reads the total sum of weekly order over the past 3 months and could be checked as well as the bank withdrawal date etc. In addition, the reading speed could be chosen and the type of voice could also be chosen to make it user-friendly.

tags: disability support, home delivery, Tokai Co-op Business Federation